General English

Course Overview

The General English courses at Rosehill College enhance communication skills by focusing on listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Upon arrival, students take a Placement Skills Assessment Test and interview to determine their English proficiency and appropriate class level.

Course Sector

Sector: Vocational Education and Training (VET)
CRICOS Course Code: 0101986
Course Level: Non AQF Award
Course Language: English
Duration: 1 to 48 weeks

Entry Requirements

Domestic and International Students:

  • Age: Must be over 18 years

Fees and Charges

  • Weekly Tuition Fee: $AU 250
  • Materials Fee: $AU 1,000
  • Estimated Total Course Cost (48 weeks): $AU 13,000

Course Details

Units of Competency:

  • Elementary: Basic vocabulary, simple verb tenses, common phrases, pronunciation tips
  • Pre-Intermediate: Complex tenses, modals, conditionals, storytelling, opinion expression
  • Intermediate: Formal structures, idioms, phrasal verbs, colloquialisms
  • Upper-Intermediate: Advanced grammar, personal vocabulary, autonomous learning

Assessment Methods

  • Regular Assessments: Weekly tests
  • Comprehensive Tests: At the end of each 10-week block
  • Trainer Assessments: Continuous reviews

Course Duration

Total Duration: 1 to 48 weeks
Weekly Commitment: 20 hours per week (face-to-face)

Support Services

  • Academic Support: Tutoring and study groups
  • Welfare Support: Counseling services and career advice


  • Career Opportunities: Improved communication skills for various professional roles
  • Further Study: Pathway to advanced English proficiency and other academic programs

Policies and Procedures

Contact Information

Admissions Office:
Phone: +61 (02) 7228 0008