Procedures for Re-assessment and Appeals

Document Details

  • Document Title: Procedures for Re-assessment and Appeals
  • Document Number: REA-P-001
  • Effective Date: June 8, 2024
  • Review Date: June 8, 2025

1. Purpose of the Policy

This policy and associated procedures outline Rosehill College’s approach to managing re-assessment requests and appeals from students. This policy ensures that all students are given a fair opportunity to demonstrate their competence and to contest assessment decisions if necessary. This policy meets the requirements of the Standards for RTOs 2015.

2. Policy Statements

2.1 Re-assessment

Rosehill College provides students with opportunities for re-assessment if they have not demonstrated competence in their initial assessment. This process ensures that students have multiple chances to meet the required competency standards.

2.2 Appeals

Rosehill College ensures that students have the right to appeal assessment decisions. The appeals process is fair, transparent, and conducted in a timely manner to ensure that students’ concerns are addressed appropriately.

3. Procedures

3.1 Re-assessment
3.1.1 Request for Re-assessment
  • Eligibility: Students who are deemed Not Yet Competent (NYC) in an assessment task can request a re-assessment.
  • Submission: The request must be made in writing to the trainer/assessor within 10 working days of receiving the assessment result.
  • Form Required: Use the Request for Re-assessment Form.
3.1.2 Scheduling Re-assessment
  • Timeline: The trainer/assessor will schedule the re-assessment within a reasonable timeframe, usually within 10 working days of receiving the request.
  • Notification: Students will be informed of the re-assessment date, time, and requirements.
3.1.3 Conducting Re-assessment
  • Assessment: The re-assessment will be conducted by the same or a different trainer/assessor, ensuring that it adheres to the same standards and criteria as the original assessment.
  • Feedback: Students will receive feedback on their re-assessment results within 5 working days.
3.1.4 Further Re-assessment Opportunities
  • Additional Support: If the student is still deemed NYC after the first re-assessment, they may be given another opportunity for re-assessment, subject to additional support and intervention strategies as deemed necessary by the trainer/assessor.
3.2 Appeals
3.2.1 Lodging an Appeal
  • Form Submission: Students who wish to appeal an assessment decision must submit a formal appeal in writing using the Request to Appeal a Decision Form available on the Rosehill College website.
  • Timeline: The appeal must be submitted to the Academic Manager within 20 working days of receiving their assessment result.
  • Documentation: The appeal form must include detailed reasons for the appeal and any supporting evidence.
3.2.2 Acknowledgement of Appeal
  • Confirmation: The Academic Manager will acknowledge receipt of the appeal in writing within 5 working days.
3.2.3 Review of Appeal
  • Panel Review: The appeal will be reviewed by a panel consisting of the Academic Manager, an independent trainer/assessor, and a student representative (if applicable).
  • Evidence: The panel will consider all evidence and may request additional information from the student or the original trainer/assessor.
3.2.4 Decision on Appeal
  • Notification: The decision of the appeal panel will be communicated to the student in writing within 10 working days of the appeal hearing.
  • Details: The decision will include reasons for the outcome and any further actions required.
3.2.5 Further Actions
  • Re-assessment or Remedies: If the appeal is upheld, the student may be offered a re-assessment or other appropriate remedies.
  • External Appeal: If the appeal is not upheld, the student will be informed of their right to take the matter to an external appeals body, such as the Overseas Students Ombudsman.

4. Responsibilities

4.1 Academic Manager
  • Role: Oversee the re-assessment and appeals processes, ensuring compliance with policy and procedures.
  • Communication: Ensure timely communication with students regarding the status and outcomes of their re-assessment or appeal.
4.2 Trainers and Assessors
  • Role: Conduct re-assessments and provide feedback.
  • Support: Provide additional support to students during the re-assessment process if needed.
4.3 Administration and Student Support Officer
  • Documentation: Manage documentation and records related to re-assessments and appeals.
  • Notification: Ensure students are informed of procedures and timelines related to their requests.

5. Document Control

  • Version Number: V1.0
  • Approved By: CEO
  • Approval Date: June 8, 2024
  • Review Date: June 8, 2025