Student Welfare and Counseling Policy

Document Title: Student Welfare and Counseling Policy

Document Number: SWC-001

Effective Date: June 8, 2024

Review Date: June 8, 2025

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to provide information on the welfare and counseling support available to students at Rosehill College. This policy ensures that students have access to necessary resources to support their mental health, well-being, and personal development throughout their academic journey.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all students enrolled at Rosehill College, including both domestic and international students. It encompasses all welfare and counseling services offered by the college or through referrals to external providers.

3. Policy Statements

3.1 Commitment to Student Welfare

  • Holistic Support: Rosehill College is committed to fostering a supportive environment that addresses the academic, emotional, and social needs of students.
  • Confidentiality: All counseling and welfare services are provided with strict confidentiality, respecting students’ privacy and personal information.
  • Accessibility: Welfare and counseling services are accessible to all students, with efforts made to ensure no student is excluded from accessing support due to financial or logistical barriers.

3.2 Counseling Services

  • Personal Counseling: Support for personal issues, including stress management, mental health concerns, and relationship issues, provided through referrals to external experts as needed.
  • Academic Counseling: Guidance on academic-related concerns such as study strategies, time management, and dealing with academic pressure.
  • Crisis Counseling: Immediate support in times of personal crisis or emergency through referrals to appropriate external experts.

3.3 Welfare Services

  • Health and Well-being: Support services for physical health, mental health, and overall well-being.
  • Financial Assistance: Guidance and referrals for financial support, scholarships, and emergency financial aid.
  • Accommodation Support: Assistance in finding and securing suitable accommodation.
  • Legal and Visa Advice: Information and referrals for legal and visa-related issues, particularly for international students.
  • Cultural Adjustment: Support for adjusting to life in a new cultural environment, including orientation programs and cultural integration activities.

4. Procedures

4.1 Accessing Counseling Services

  1. Contact the Student Service Officer:
    • Students can contact the Student Service Officer via email or in-person to request support or schedule an appointment with external experts if needed.
    • Contact details:
  2. Referral to External Experts:
    • The Student Service Officer assesses the request and provides referrals to external experts for counseling and personal support.
  3. Confidential Consultation:
    • All discussions and referrals are handled with confidentiality.

4.2 Accessing Welfare Services

  1. Student Service Office:
  2. Initial Assessment:
    • The Student Service Officer conducts an initial assessment to identify the student’s needs and provides appropriate referrals and support.
  3. Developing a Support Plan:
    • A personalized support plan is developed in collaboration with the student, outlining the services and resources available.
  4. Follow-Up:
    • Regular follow-ups are conducted to monitor the student’s progress and adjust the support plan as necessary.

4.3 Crisis Support

  1. Immediate Assistance:
    • In the event of a crisis, students can access immediate support by contacting the Student Service Officer.
    • After-hours support is available through designated emergency contacts.
  2. Emergency Procedures:
    • Follow established emergency procedures for critical incidents involving student welfare.
    • Ensure that all actions taken comply with Rosehill College’s Critical Incident Policy.

5. Responsibilities

  • Student Service Officer:
    • Provide initial assessments and develop personalized support plans.
    • Provide referrals to external support services and experts when necessary.
    • Follow up with students to ensure the effectiveness of the support provided.
  • Academic Manager:
    • Collaborate with the Student Service Officer to address academic-related concerns.
    • Ensure that academic policies are aligned with the support services provided.

6. Review Compliance

  • Monthly Review: Welfare and counseling services are reviewed monthly in the RTO Management Meeting.
  • Governance Schedule: Services are reviewed as per the Governance Schedule to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Annual Review: Conduct an annual review using feedback from students and staff to enhance the effectiveness of welfare and counseling services.

7. Document Control

  • Version Number: V1.1
  • Approved By: CEO
  • Approval Date: June 8, 2024
  • Review Date: June 8, 2025