International Student Support Policy

Document Title: International Student Support Policy

Document Number: ISS-001

Effective Date: June 8, 2024

Review Date: June 8, 2025

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the support services and guidelines provided by Rosehill College to assist international students in adjusting to life and study in Australia. This policy ensures that international students have access to comprehensive support services to enhance their academic success and overall well-being in compliance with the Education Services for Overseas Students (ESOS) Act 2000 and the National Code of Practice for Providers of Education and Training to Overseas Students 2018.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all international students enrolled at Rosehill College. It encompasses all academic, personal, and cultural support services provided by the college.

3. Policy Statements

3.1 Commitment to International Student Support

  • Holistic Support: Rosehill College is dedicated to providing a supportive environment that addresses the academic, personal, and cultural needs of international students.
  • Confidentiality: All support services are provided with strict confidentiality, respecting the privacy of international students.
  • Accessibility: Support services are accessible to all international students, ensuring that no student is excluded due to financial or logistical barriers.

4. Support Services

4.1 Visa and Immigration Assistance

  • Referrals to Experts:
    • Description: Our Student Service Officer can connect students with reputable education and migration lawyers for professional advice and assistance.
    • Contact: Email:
  • Application Guidance:
    • Description: Basic guidance on preparing visa applications and understanding the necessary documents.
  • Regulation Updates:
    • Description: Keeping students informed about important changes to visa and immigration policies.

4.2 Cultural Orientation

  • Orientation Sessions:
    • Description: Comprehensive sessions during orientation week that introduce students to Australian culture, local customs, and college life.
  • Organized Activities:
    • Description: Regularly organized activities such as attending exhibitions, local tours, and cultural events to help students immerse themselves in the local culture.
  • Information and Resources:
    • Description: Detailed information and resources provided during orientation to help students understand and navigate their new environment.

4.3 Language Support

  • General English Courses:
    • Description: Enroll in General English courses designed to improve proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening.
    • Enrollment Contact: Email:
  • Free Language Sessions:
    • Description: Current students can book free language support sessions tailored to their needs.
  • Conversation Clubs:
    • Description: Join conversation clubs to practice English in a casual, supportive environment with peers and native speakers.

5. Procedures

5.1 Accessing Visa and Immigration Assistance

  1. Contact the Student Service Officer:
    • For referrals and basic guidance on visa applications and immigration regulations.
    • Contact details:
  2. Regulation Updates:
    • Stay informed through college communications about changes to visa and immigration policies.

5.2 Participating in Cultural Orientation

  1. Attend Orientation Sessions:
    • Participate in scheduled orientation sessions during the first week of the course.
    • Registration: No prior registration required; information provided upon enrollment.
  2. Engage in Organized Activities:
    • Join scheduled cultural activities and events to gain a deeper understanding of the local culture.
  3. Utilize Orientation Resources:
    • Access provided resources and materials for additional information on cultural adaptation.

5.3 Accessing Language Support

  1. Enroll in General English Courses:
  2. Book Free Language Sessions:
  3. Join Conversation Clubs:
    • Participate in conversation clubs for additional practice and social interaction.

6. Responsibilities

  • Student Service Officer:
    • Provide initial assessments and develop personalized support plans.
    • Coordinate academic, personal, and cultural support services.
    • Act as a liaison between international students and faculty.
  • Academic Manager:
    • Collaborate with the Student Service Officer to address academic-related concerns.
    • Ensure that academic policies are aligned with the support services provided.
  • Administration Staff:
    • Maintain records of support services provided.
    • Ensure compliance with privacy and confidentiality requirements.

7. Review Compliance

  • Monthly Review: International student support services are reviewed monthly in the RTO Management Meeting.
  • Governance Schedule: Services are reviewed as per the Governance Schedule to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Annual Review: Conduct an annual review using feedback from students and staff to enhance the effectiveness of international student support services.

8. Contact Information

9. Document Control

  • Version Number: V1.1
  • Approved By: CEO
  • Approval Date: June 8, 2024
  • Review Date: June 8, 2025