Fees and Refunds Policy

Document Title: Fees and Refunds Policy

Document Number: FIN-002

Effective Date: June 8, 2024

Review Date: June 8, 2025

1. Purpose

The purpose of this policy is to outline the management of fees, charges, and refunds at Rosehill College. It ensures transparency and fairness in fee structures and refund processes, providing support to students to help them complete their studies effectively.

2. Scope

This policy applies to all prospective, current, and former students of Rosehill College. It includes the procedures for fee payment, fee protection, and the circumstances under which refunds are provided.

3. Policy Statements

3.1 Information About Fees and Charges

  • Transparency: Rosehill College provides detailed information about all fees and charges associated with a course. This includes application fees, tuition fees, non-tuition fees, and any additional charges.
  • Availability: Information on fees is available in the International Student Handbook, Course Brochure, Offer Letter, and Student Agreement.
  • Fee Changes: Students are informed about potential fee changes during their course. Any new fees generally apply only to incoming students.

3.2 Fee Protection

  • Domestic Students: Fees paid by domestic students are protected, with students paying up to a maximum of $1,500 in advance for services not yet provided.
  • International Students: Fees for international students are protected through maintaining sufficient funds in the college account and membership in the Tuition Protection Scheme (TPS).

3.3 Payment of Fees

  • Payment Terms: All fees and charges are to be paid by the date specified on the invoice. Alternative payment arrangements may be made if a student cannot meet the payment deadline.
  • Payment Methods: Payments are made by bank transfer to a specified account, with details provided to students.

3.4 Managing Overdue Fees

  • Warning Letters: Students with overdue fees receive a first warning letter, a second warning letter, and a notice of intention to report if fees remain unpaid.
  • Debt Collection: Unresolved debts may be referred to a debt collection agency, and students’ enrolment may be cancelled for non-payment of fees.

3.5 Refunds

  • Provider Default: Full refunds are provided if Rosehill College cancels a course before or after commencement. Refunds are processed within 10 working days of the default.
  • Student Default: Refunds for student default are calculated based on the time of withdrawal and the specific circumstances, as detailed in the refund tables for domestic and international students.
  • Refund Application: Students must complete a Refund Application Form to request a refund. Refunds are paid to the original payer in Australian Dollars.

4. Procedures

4.1 Process Invoices

  1. Invoice Setup:
    • Create invoices in the accounting system based on the payment schedule in the signed Offer Letter and Student Agreement.
  2. Send Invoices:
    • Send invoices to students as per the schedule.
  3. Payment Receipts:
    • Send payment receipts from the accounting system once invoices are paid.
  4. Record Payments:
    • Record payments in PRISMS as per the user guide instructions.
  5. Record Retention:
    • Keep payment receipts for a minimum of 2 years after course completion.

4.2 Manage Overdue Fees

  1. Check for Overdue Payments:
    • Review the accounting system for overdue payments.
  2. Send Payment Reminder:
    • Issue a payment reminder through the accounting system, allowing an additional 5 days for payment.
  3. First Warning Letter:
    • Send a first warning letter for non-payment if the invoice remains unpaid.
  4. Second Warning Letter:
    • Send a second warning letter if fees are still unpaid after 5 days from the first warning.
  5. Notice of Intention to Report:
    • Send a notice of intention to report if fees remain unpaid after 5 days from the second warning.
  6. Report Non-Payment:
    • Report the decision to cease enrolment for non-payment of fees in PRISMS within 31 days of withdrawal processing.

4.3 Process Refunds

  1. Provider Default Notification:
    • Notify students of provider default using the Student Notice of Default Form within 3 working days.
  2. Refund Transfer:
    • Transfer the refund to the original payer.
  3. Refund Applications:
    • Process refund requests according to the refund table upon receipt of the Refund Application Form from students.
  4. Update Accounting System:
    • Update payment details in the accounting system.

4.4 Notify of Provider Default

  1. ASQA and TPS Notification:
    • Notify ASQA and TPS of provider default within 3 working days using the Notice of Provider Default form.
  2. Discharge of Obligations:
    • Submit a Notice of Discharge of Obligations to ASQA and TPS within 7 days of completing required actions.

5. Responsibilities

  • Administration and Student Support Officer:
    • Issue invoices, follow up on overdue fees, and handle refunds.
  • Academic Manager:
    • Discuss and adjust student financial arrangements if necessary, assess refund applications, and approve payments.
  • CEO:
    • Handle provider default notifications.

6. Review Compliance

  • Monthly Review: Fees and refund processes are reviewed monthly in the RTO Management Meeting.
  • Governance Schedule: Processes are reviewed as per the Governance Schedule to ensure continuous improvement.
  • Annual Review: Conduct an annual review using feedback from students and staff to enhance fee and refund management.

7. Document Control

  • Version Number: V1.1
  • Approved By: CEO
  • Approval Date: June 8, 2024
  • Review Date: June 8, 2025