Welcome to Rosehill College Orientation

Your Path to Academic and Personal Success Begins Here

We are thrilled to welcome you to Rosehill College. Our orientation program is designed to help you transition smoothly into your academic journey and life in Australia. This page provides an overview of what to expect, including key links to detailed orientation content, forms, and resources.

Orientation Overview

What to Expect:

  • Welcome and Introduction:
    • Get to know Rosehill College, our mission, values, and key staff members.
  • Key Information:
    • Learn about our facilities, student support services, and resources available to you.
  • Orientation Days:
    • Find out when your orientation sessions are scheduled.
  • Detailed Orientation Program:
    • Access detailed information about the sessions, workshops, and activities that will take place during orientation.
  • Online Orientation Form:
    • Complete the required online form to ensure all necessary information is recorded.

View Detailed Orientation Program

Online New Student Registration and Orientation Form

Orientation Days

Orientation Days are held one week before the start of each term. Attendance is crucial as you will receive essential information, meet faculty and peers, and get acquainted with campus facilities.

Upcoming Orientation Days:

TermOrientation Date
Term 1, 20248 January 2024
Term 1, 202419 February 2024
Term 2, 20248 April 2024
Term 2, 202420 May 2024
Term 3, 20248 July 2024
Term 3, 202419 August 2024
Term 4, 20247 October 2024
Term 4, 202418 November 2024

Future Orientation Days:

TermOrientation Date
Term 1, 20256 January 2025
Term 1, 202517 February 2025
Term 2, 20257 April 2025
Term 2, 202519 May 2025
Term 3, 20257 July 2025
Term 3, 202518 August 2025
Term 4, 20256 October 2025
Term 4, 202517 November 2025
Term 1, 20265 January 2026
Term 1, 202616 February 2026
Term 2, 20266 April 2026
Term 2, 202618 May 2026
Term 3, 20266 July 2026
Term 3, 202617 August 2026
Term 4, 20265 October 2026
Term 4, 202616 November 2026
Term 1, 20274 January 2027
Term 1, 202715 February 2027
Term 2, 20275 April 2027
Term 2, 202717 May 2027
Term 3, 20275 July 2027
Term 3, 202716 August 2027
Term 4, 20274 October 2027
Term 4, 202715 November 2027

Quick Links

  • Detailed Orientation Program:
    Explore the full orientation content that we present on Orientation Day, including academic expectations and support services.View Detailed Orientation Program
  • Online Orientation Form:
    Complete the required online form during your orientation to ensure all necessary information is recorded.Fill Out Orientation Form
  • Campus Map and Photos:
    Navigate our campus with ease using our campus map and explore photos of key facilities.View Campus Map and Photos
  • Student Support Services:
    Learn about the various support services available to help you succeed academically and personally.Explore International Student Support
  • Life in Australia:
    Get tips and resources for adapting to life in Australia, including accommodation, work rights, and local amenities.Learn About Living in Australia

Key Resources

1. About Us

Rosehill College is a premier education provider offering a range of support and high-quality education. Learn more about our mission, values, and key staff members.

Learn More About Rosehill College

2. Health and Safety

Your well-being is our priority. Review our health and safety policies and learn how to report incidents to maintain a secure and supportive environment.

Review Health and Safety Policies

3. Your Rights and Responsibilities

Understand your rights and responsibilities as a student, including adhering to the Student Code of Conduct.

View Student Code of Conduct

4. Academic Progress

Stay on track with your studies by understanding our academic progress and attendance requirements.

Review Course Requirements

5. Complaints and Appeals

If you have any concerns or issues, our complaints and appeals process is here to support you.

File a Complaint or Appeal

Contact Us

We’re here to assist you. For any questions or support, please reach out using the contact information below.

General Inquiries: