Student Services is the first contact point for all student enquiries. The friendly and helpful Student Services staff can assist students with advice and information about their course, their attendance, their results and student activities. They can also tell you where to go for medical, dental, legal, academic, personal issues advice.

Student Counselling

Our experienced and highly supportive welfare staff, academic management staff and teachers will be able to assist students with educational matters or any enquiries they may have.

Students are strongly encouraged to make an appointment with Rosehill College welfare staff if they require services such as:

  • Academic counselling
  • Welfare counselling
  • Grievance procedures
  • Work placement
  • Further studies placement
  • Bulling
  • Psychological Pressure

Visa Application

For international students, you need to ensure that you are applying for correct student visa subclass in order to study in Australia. 

If you would like to know more please seek accurate and up-to-date information at the link below:

Or you can contact Rosehill College official representative for visa application help.

Student FAQ

Q : What does CoE mean?

A : Confirmation of Enrolment. You will need it to apply for student visa.

Q : What does DHA mean?

A : Department of Home Affairs. Website:  If you want to know more about student visa, please check this website.

Q : How do I get my student ID card?

A : Once you enroled with us, students will be required to attend Enrolment & Orientation Program, during which you will be given your student ID card. For any lost or stolen, you can request a new student ID card replacement at reception. 

Q : Who should I ask if the Internet/computer in the lab is not working?

A : Our Student Service staff will come and assist you with the techincal issue. If the problem cannot be solved, our IT consultant will be contacted. But don’t worry, we provide sufficient computers in both student lab and lounge area. You can always change to another computer to complete your assessment. If you encounter log in problem when you are doing your assessment at home, you can also send enquiry email to, our administrative staff will help you at the earliest point.

Q : My classroom is locked. Can you please open this for me?

A : If not locked for security reasons, one of our Student Services staff can unlock it for you.

Q : Where can I check my attendance?

A : You can check your attendance on Jobready, which is the Student Admin Portal. Login details will be given during Enrolment & Orientation Program. Instead, you can seek help from your instructor to monitor your attendance.

Q : I want to speak to someone about issues/complaints about my class/teacher.

A :Rosehill College values student feedback. We recommend that you always talk to our Student Service staff in regards of your complaint. You can also fill out Grievance Form and submit to us. All grievances will be investigated and a student advised of the outcome shortly after the investigation. 

Q : I failed my assessment and what should I do?

A : Students fail assessment for many reasons. You can make an appointment and talk to your instructor and/or Director of Study. If the issue cannot be resolved, you can lodge appeal and submit to Student Services staff.

Q : I would like to transfer to another college. What should I do?

A : Please be aware there is restriction on overseas student transfer prior to completing six months of principal course. Students requesting for transfer need to fill Student Course Variation form. You can also talk to Student Service staff for suggestion.

Q : Where can I check my assessment results?

A : You can login to Moodle system and check the results of your submitted assessments. 

Q : I received email that I failed one unit. What should I do?

A : Student who did not make sufficient academic progress will fail the unit. You can repeat the unit or lodge appeal.

Q : What should I do if I was sick and I couldn’t come to class?

A : Special consideration with the evidence is required. For example, sick leave will be considered if the medical prescription is provided. Other evidence includes but not limited to medical treatment receipt for GP visit, flight ticket/itinerary, etc.

Q : My completed assessment was lost on the computer in the lab. What should I do?

A : It is your respoinsibility to backup your assessments. The computer lab is public so we recommend that you do save it to cloud/USB and ensure you submit it on time.